A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: Temperance


Balance is more a daily practice than a steady state. If Balance is to be maintained, constant observation and adjustments are required. This means that awareness and diligence must be used at all times. Not an easy task, but one that is attainable through patience and perseverance. 

According to the Tarot, Temperance can be reached through the proper application of Fire and Water. Fire is what allows us to change shape, Water gives us strength and flexibility. Through the story of the Suit of Cups (Water) we can understand our emotional responses. Through the story of the Suit of Wands (Fire) we can understand our passion. Carefully blending these two elements is what brings Balance. With Balance comes healing. We support a healthy life when we strive for Balance.

Today I draw Temperance and reflect upon my Balance. Am I in denial of huge parts of my life? Do I have the wherewithal to create the necessary boundaries that will help me manage my resources? Can I be gentle and loving with myself when I stray from the path? Have I created a lifestyle that supports Balance?

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