A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: Ace of Pentacles


Home is where the heart is. Finding a safe secure space that you can call home is very important to most people. So many of us live in places that are not our own and suffer under  dictated terms of existence that just do not satisfy our needs. The desire to live by our own rules can be the greatest motivating force for young people to strike out on their own. 

When a person can claim space and begin to structure and decorate to suit their needs they can learn a lot about themselves. Even if it is a small space within a larger shared dwelling, it is worth the effort to make it yours. 

Today I draw the The Ace of Pentacles and reflect upon the home I am creating for myself and family. Do all those who live here have their needs met by the space? Does everyone have their individual safe havens as well as a collective shared space that makes everyone feel welcome? Do I look forward to returning home? 

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