Stories of the Tableau 2

Today I contemplate the nature of enlightenment. It is easy to be distracted by self realization and the desire to share the revelations, but that is the path of ego and pride and will only take you further from your goal.

Stories of the Tableau 1

Today I contemplate my desire to manifest. Energy follows intent but it also needs to be backed up by will power and determination. If I am not clear about my desire it could be my undoing.

The Human Story

Today I contemplate my story. Tales of heroes, villains, kings and queens may seem far fetched but the essence of the human story remains the same. We are all our own heroes with our own ordeals to face.

Symbology 101: The Kabbalistic Tree

Today I contemplate the Tree of Life. There are many ways to get where we are going, no one way is more correct than another. Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations is what makes life so interesting.

Symbology 101: The Cross

Today I contemplate the equilateral cross and the balance it suggests. As much as I need to eat 3 meals a day, I also need to move, experience and create to be in balance.

Symbology 101: The Circle

A spiral is a circle stretched through time for as we travel the circle it may seem like we have returned to the beginning but we are never really in the same place we left.

Your First Deck

The Tarot can be the beginning of a life time of exploration into the human condition. The longer you work with the Tarot the more you will discover. Enjoy the ride.

The Empowered Read

Today I contemplate personal power. Humans are remarkable creatures. A magnificent energy converting body with a reality generating device in their heads. Our potential is limitless.