A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: Judgement

You are Worthy

There comes a time in life when opportunity knocks. Things line up just right and all that is needed is you. Are you ready to heed the call? When it comes to trying new things or striking out in new directions sometimes the biggest obstacle is ourselves. How we judge ourselves can be the harshest criticism of all. If you are focused more on your limitations than your ingenuity the call may go by unanswered. 

If you are unsure, asking friends can be a great way to receive objective feed back. They see the best in you and may understand your strengths in ways you do not. Allowing yourself to follow your bliss can bring challenge as well as great reward. You are worthy. 

Today I draw Judgement and reflect upon where I may be limiting myself. Why am I hesitating? Where is the root of my concern? I declare that I am worth it!

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