A personal Journey Through the Tarot: Page of Wands

Just do it

The time to feed the inner fire of motivation is now! The time to harness your passion is now! Stop thinking about it and just do it. The suit of Wands in the Tarot represents the fire energy in us. Fire energy is passion and movement, action and motivation. 

Motivating ourselves into action requires a few things; being able to take risks, pushing your boundaries and overcoming the fear of failure are just a few. It becomes easier when we realize that there is no such thing a “perfect”. Just do it for the sake of the doing. The end result can be changed later if you don’t like it.  Anything that can be done once can be taken apart and done again if necessary. The joy is in the doing. 

Today I draw the Page of Wands and vow to go to my studio… 

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