A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: 4 of Pentacles


Crushing debt is the norm for most of us who live in North America.  We seem to have so much yet are constantly wanting more and waisting even more. Our society has made spending money so easy while, at the same time, our technology has distanced us from our bank accounts. Is saving up for something even a skill set anymore? 

Prudence is required when you need to fulfill a desire by paying for it upfront. If you cannot find work that pays more, then learning to spend less is the only alternative. Just imagine what life would be like without debit and credit cards. If you want to buy something you actually need the cash on hand. This requires preplanning your day’s spending so you have enough. Paying for things with cash on hand stops the spontaneous spend which is the first and simplest act of prudence. 

Today I draw the Four of Pentacles and think about my monetary requirements for the next several months. Can I live without acquiring more debt? Can I actually pay down some of my debt?  Is there a better, cheeper way to live that will allow me to stay on budget?

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