A Personal Journey Through the Tarot: Queen of Wands

The Trail Blazer

The Queen of Wands is a person who gets things done. When a creative urge comes upon this person they need no convincing to follow it through. Fearlessly expressing themselves they do what is necessary to make their world according to their design. There is no humming and hawing over the next action, if this Queen believes it’s the next move they will take it. If the move turns out to be a mistake they are not apologetic, they just try again in a different way. 

This Queen lives life to the fullest. If they can, their home becomes their studio; a makers heaven. This Queen likes to eat well, play hard and laugh a lot. These people are happiest when they can completely express themselves. When oppressed they can become loud and angry. They will stomp and scream and burn the house down until they feel justice has been realized.

Today I draw the Queen of Wands and fearlessly move forward with my life’s plans. Doubters be dammed, let the fires of creativity burn away criticism. If it doesn’t work the first, second or third time, try, try again!

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